We are a group of people interested in the intersection of computer science and economics (and the social sciences more broadly) and the impact of this interplay on decisions in information technology and digital business. This includes applying techniques from computer science and optimization to economics -- for example, using computation to design market clearing mechanisms and to implement efficient allocation and pricing in them -- as well as applying techniques from economics to computer science -- for example, designing incentives for users of networked computer systems and social networks.



For organizational questions about the seminar series, please contact Markus Brill. For other matters, please approach the relevant faculty contact(s): Atila Abdulkadiroglu (Econ), Vincent Conitzer (CS), Rachel Kranton (Econ), Ben Lee (ECE), Kamesh Munagala (CS), Sasa Pekec (Fuqua). Pam Spencer helps with catering and arranging the speakers' travel. Yuqian Li is maintaining the website.


Mailing List

Please subscribe to the cs-econ mailing list if you are at Duke (or in the vicinity) and interested in the seminar series. The list will be used for talk announcements.


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Prospective Students

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in this area at Duke, please apply to the individual department(s) most relevant to you and mention the relevant faculty in your application.