Duke's CS-Econ group held a retreat on November 14. Faculty from Computer Science, Economics, ECE, and Fuqua presented their research to a broad interdisciplinary audience, and the group discussed the future of the field at Duke.


Gross Hall 330, Duke
Friday November 14, 2014
11:45am - 4:00pm

11.50-12:00 Get lunch boxes, chat, get seated. Posters should be set up by the end of this.

12:00-12:10 introduction (Vincent Conitzer): state of cs-econ@duke, goals of retreat

12:10-12:25 research overview: Vincent Conitzer

12:25-12:40 research overview: Rachel Kranton

12:40-12:55 research overview: Ozan Candogan

12:55-1:10 research overview: Debmalya Panigrahi

1:10-1:30 coffee break; posters

1:30-1:45 research overview: Kamesh Munagala

1:45-2:00 research overview: Giuseppe (Pino) Lopomo

2:00-2:15 research overview: Sasa Pekec

2:15-2:30 research overview: Santiago Balseiro

2:30-2:45 research overview: Ben Lee

2:45-3:05 coffee break; posters

3:05-4 group discussion: joint research, joint grant proposals, seminar series, workshops, MSEC program, future of the field, open problems, ...